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What is Code 22?

Code 22 is a code for Peace to be honored by all humanity
Each 22nd day is officially proclaimed the City Wide Day of Peace and healing in Detroit and 12 cities in the surrounding areas. Mayors and City Councils have officially adopted the 22nd by way of proclamations and testimony of resolutions supporting the CODE22 effort to reduce violence per our request.

Each citizen is asked to honor the code by intentionally promoting peace in their circles of influence each 22nd. Honoring code 22 means everyone acknowledging this 1 day to promote peace and to let go of all negative emotions including unforgiveness, and intentionally allowing peace to flow through each individual for 1 day, the 22nd.  Those engaged in violence are asked to stop the violence and honor the code for at least this 1 day. The goal is to create 24 hours of peace, a no violence day across America. A day to create and celebrate Peace.
Since October 2010, the UCOA has focused on creating peace with a special focus on those who have been victims of violence. Each month on the 22nd,  families are invited and gathered to an event at churches across the city known as The City Wide Night of Peace and Healing. Pastors and parishioners unite t their local assemblies to help citizens turn their pain into power through practicing forgiveness, and the discipline of making positive changes.

CODE 22 is a method of approach that calls everyone to a collective consciousness of  peace which can create safer cities on a monthly basis.
We are proud to launch this nationwide initiative from Detroit.  Our city is a great city filled with great people doing great things.  Just as Motown was to music, and Henry Ford is to the auto industry so is CODE22, an attainable peace initiative that can creating positive results for all humanity.

Along with the CODE22 endorsement of 12 Mayors in surrounding cities of Detroit,  We also have support from our Local Law enforcement, DPD, Wayne County Sheriffs under Sheriff Raphael Washington, Former UAW President, Rory Gamble, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans,  local churches and Pastors,School Principals and superintendents,  community organizations, including, Cease Fire, Crimestoppers of Michigan and many more, and lastly over 43 funeral homes all declaring each 22nd as an Official No Violence day in Detroit and surrounding cities. 

Our greatest work comes from the avarage citizen who will join the mission by honoring the Code. We ask those engaged in violence to cease all violence for 1 day. The call is for every person to honor the CODE22 initiative for peace. Simply partner with this initiative by circling the 22nd on your calendar monthly and intentionally doing something to celebrate a day of Peace. You can pledge for Peace by filling out our volunteer application and submitting it. 

 A few Suggestions to create Peace on each 22nd
*Have a Peace dinner with the immediate famly each 22nd to discuss how to make the home a place of peace.
*Plan a Peace Party at work, school, home, or place of businesss on the 22nd.
*Don't allow anyone to take your peace on the 22nd. Choose to overlook offenses and forgive others.
*Don't engage in petty arguments. Instead, just say "Im protecting Peace today"
* Text the word "PEACE" to a minimum of 5 people on the 22nd.
*Pray for Peace

If you agree to work to increase peace on the 22nd you may comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and plans for the 22nd.

If you would like to become a volunteer for the UCOA, please fill out the volunteer application and submit.


Pastor Ovella
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